Transactional Funding

Transactional Funding

Need transactional funding for your short sale deals or REO flips?  We’ll you’ve come to the right spot.  We are your ultimate source for transactional funding.  Whether you need proof of funds or VOD, we can help you with your next investment property.  We fund all types whether it’s a short sale, REO or Bulk REO, wholesale, land, residential or commercial, doesn’t matter to us.


How Transactional Funding Works With Us

We try and make the process simple and smooth.  We know how important it is to meet deadlines.  We also know that your success hinges on being able to get funding when you need it.  So our process is simple.

For Same Day Funding (cash buyers)

  1. First, you will fill out a Funding Request Form
  2. Then you’re going to send us all the necessary documents we need in order to fund your deals (purchase contracts, HUD’s, approval letters if any, etc.)
  3. Our intake department will review your package for completeness ( we like 3-4 days, but can move quicker depending on urgency of deal)
  4. We send escrow instructions and deal funds

Extended Term Funding

  1. First you fill out a Funding Request Form
  2. Send us necessary documents
  3. We review your package for completeness (we like 5-7 business days for this)
  4. We approve the request on a case by case basis as long as submission requirements are met
  5. Investor signs funding documents
  6. We send wire to escrow and deal funds

You can see our transactional funding process is very simple and we don’t require all the extra red tape. Plus you have industry veterans on your side that have done HUNDREDS of these back to back closings and are pretty dang good at it.

Who is Transactional Funding For?

Transactional Funding is for anyone who is planning to do a quick flip.  Transactional Funding is not a hard money loan.  It is not used for long term investments.  It is not used for rehabbing or repairs.  It is simply a way for investors to flip properties by leveraging someone else’s money.  In most cases, the money is only needed for 2 or 3 days and because such, the fee’s are extremely low compared to that of a hard money or conventional loan.

What makes transactional funding so great is that because it’s technically NOT a loan, so we could care less about your credit or income.  To us it’s irrelevant.  You are simply using our money long enough to flip it to your end buyer.   Yes, with this type of funding you will need to have an end buyer lined up and ready to close.  Obviously, cash buyers are the absolute best.  Although it’s not a deal breaker for us, we would encourage you to find cash buyers for all your deals just because of all the red tape that goes with conventional financing.

One of the many advantages of having a transactional funding partner is what you are able to write on your offers.  Because we are providing “wet funds” or cash and this is not a loan, your offers can be cash offers.  This is a huge advantage over others who need to get financing.  Banks especially, love to see all cash offers so in many cases, it gives you better chance of getting the deal.   And if we can help you do more deals, we’ll all make more money.

Let us know if you need anything and please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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